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Let’s offer credit history where it’s due to Yamaha. While a big piece of its residence theatre market is geared in the direction of AV receivers and also audio speaker plans, it has actually likewise lengthy sympathised with those individuals who don’t have room for full border stereos. By producing YSP (Yamaha Audio Forecast) technology– made to replicate a surround-sound experience from a single soundbar– the company uses an affordable concession in between performance and also usefulness.

It works with a various basis to surround-sound codecs such as DTS: X (as well as Dolby Atmos). While DTS: X is natively inscribed on a disc’s soundtrack, DTS Virtual: X is a post-processing formula that can be related to old as well as brand-new material alike (as long as it has a DTS codec).The technology has been developed so individuals can enjoy all the height and also border audio effects, yet with just a soundbar. The Yamaha YAS-207 is the initial soundbar to place it to the test – as well as it proves a good advert for the modern technology.

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While bench has optical and 3.5 mm inputs, we pick to experience among its HDMI sockets – which make it possible for 4K and also HDR passthrough. At this moment we ought to note this Yamaha soundbar (as well as the onboard DTS tech) is no miracle worker. It does not make soundtracks look like if they’re being blasted below your ceiling or from behind your couch. However as far as ‘online’ surround-sound experiences from a solitary unit go, the YAS-207 is widely effective. Its efficiency resists the bar’s physical proportions. It presses the sonic field past that of its opponents, showing both much more spacious and also extra wrapping up too.

We play Ang Lee’s Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Stroll on Ultra HD Blu-ray and also, when watching the NFL half-time show there is a certain sense that it’s online– the crowd has an apparent presence, and also it makes even more of the echo around the arena than our present Honor victor, the Q Acoustics Media 4, can.

You do not need the ‘surround’ mode on– in fact, we find ‘stereo’ provides the most favourable equilibrium and straight focus– yet you can try out the seven audio modes with the standard Yamaha HT Controller application. There’s a lot of space to occupy in the soundfield, as well as the Yamaha handles to fill it with subtle, split detail– to the point where there’s also apparent interpretation to car tires discussing debris. Also among the music and crowd, the background details (such as people chatting backstage) can be listened to.

Yamaha YAS-207 Sound Bar with DTS Virtual:X - World Import

But it does not get bogged down with details a lot that it neglects exactly how to having fun. There’s a lot of dynamism and clarity to the show’s music performance, the Yamaha showing limited control over the drum rolls as well as punch to the cymbals. Its talent is verified when playing the psychedelic rolling rhythms of Travis Scott’s Butterfly Impact by means of Bluetooth. Excellent news for those looking for a soundbar as experienced with songs as it is films. The greater regularities aren’t the last word in improvement, though, and mids aren’t rather as strong as they are through the Q Acoustics Media 4. The Yamaha’s regularity variety isn’t rather too incorporated as the Media 4’s either.

But the Yamaha’s discussion is still tight and also tonally also, and also we such as the additional bass expansion– which is a void in the Q Acoustics’ arsenal.We discover ourselves much more involved and taken in by the better expression and vibrant freedom (particularly with the midrange) offered by the Yamaha. It introduces even more of the inflections in Vin Diesel’s commands to his soldiers, and also voices as a whole are projected with better clarity.


We never really feel the requirement to take advantage of the Yamaha’s Clear Voice in this instance– we favor the equilibrium as it is– but, if you want a midrange boost during dialogue-driven shows, it’s effective.Yamaha has sufficient experience on the market to know a soundbar will most likely rest beneath a telly in most people’s set-ups.The bar is only 6cm high, so the majority of TV screens should conveniently remove that, and also it’s low-profile in its style also. It’s a black bar with a couple of a sign lights to show source and border kind selection.Also after that, they don’t radiate also brightly and can be turned off via the basic-but-easy-to-use remote control.The exterior subwoofer is a lot much less inconspicuous, but at the very least it’s fairly slim – as well as, naturally, its positioning is less vital.

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