Samsung Odyssey G7 lc32g75tqsnxza Review

Відгуки про Samsung Odyssey G7 (LC27G75TQSIXCI). Найнижча ціна на Samsung Odyssey G7 (LC27G75TQSIXCI). Ціни, відгуки, характеристики Монітор ігровий Samsung C27G75TQSI (LC27G75TQSIXCI) в інтернет магазині Comfy (Комфі)

Image Top quality

The monitor is based on Samsung’s VA panel and also features a QDEF (quantum dot enhanced film) layer (additionally referred to as ‘QLED’) for enhanced colors as well as stronger brightness.

It sustains 95% DCI-P3 vast color gamut (comparable to ~ 125% sRGB), which results in even more natural and vivid colors.

Various other panel-related specs include 178 ° broad watching angles, a 350-nit height illumination which gets an increase up to 600-nits for HDR content, as well as a fixed contrast ratio of 2,500:1 for deep as well as brilliant blacks.

The display has an edge-lit backlight with 8 dimming zones, which can further press the comparison ratio by lowering parts of the display according to the displayed material.

Nevertheless, as there are only 8 zones on the screen’s big 32 ″ sized display, neighborhood dimming is not specifically efficient.

For real HDR watching experience, a 32 ″ LED-backlit monitor would ideally require over 1,000 dimming zones, however this would certainly also considerably boost the screen’s price.

For the very best HDR image quality, be sure to boost the display’s illumination as it’s readied to only 30% out of package.

Bear in mind that for non-HDR content, the display’s vast color gamut can make shades show up rather over-saturated, particularly reds and also environment-friendlies.

Carrying on, the Samsung C32G75T has the very same pixel density as a 24 ″ 1080p monitor, which is ~ 93 PPI (pixels per inch). So, you aren’t obtaining the sharpest detail quality, yet it’s great nonetheless.

As a matter of fact, at just ~ 3 ft/1 meter away from the display, you will not have the ability to identify the specific pixels.

The Odyssey G7 series likewise consists of a 27 ″ sized alternative, the Samsung C27G75T, with the exact same specs. It offers a greater pixel density, whereas the 32 ″ version supplies a much more immersive video gaming experience because of the larger screen.


Thanks to the display’s quick 240Hz refresh rate, you obtain buttery-smooth activity clearness while the input lag of just ~ 2ms makes for imperceptible hold-up.

The pixel feedback time speed goes over, too. As a matter of fact, the Odyssey G7 screens are the fastest VA display screens readily available at the time of this writing.

While there is still some dark trialing visible behind fast-moving objects, it’s not as recognizable or as annoying as it is one older VA panel pc gaming display screens.

There are three feedback time overdrive degrees: Criterion, Faster, and Fastest in addition to the ‘Fastest (MBR)’ setting, which allows backlight strobing for even better motion clarity at the price of image brightness.

We recommend making use of either the Faster or Fastest choices. ‘Fastest’ leads to much less ghosting, however a bit much more pixel overshoot (inverted ghosting), so you’ll have to choose what looks best to you.

The Fastest (MBR) setting is additionally really useful as despite the fact that it gives up picture brightness, the screen is more than bright sufficient under typical lighting conditions. However, you can not utilize MBR as well as FreeSync at the same time.



With NVIDIA cards, the VRR variety is 80-240Hz, while with AMD cards, it’s 60-240Hz over DisplayPort. Over HDMI, the VRR variety is restricted to 48-144Hz.

As long as your framework rate is within the VRR variety, there will certainly be no screen tearing or faltering as the display can transform its refresh rate dynamically– according your FPS.

When your structure price drops below the VRR array, the refresh price will be increased for smoother performance (79FPS -> 237Hz, and so on). AMD calls this LFC or Low Framerate Settlement.

When you enable FreeSync, you will not have the ability to readjust the response time overdrive, but as there’s no big difference between the modes anyway, the efficiency is consistent across the whole variable refresh rate range.

Make certain you have the 1009.3 firmware mounted in order to remove illumination flickering connected with VRR.

The firmware adds a ‘VRR Control’ choice to the OSD menu that avoids brightness flickering, yet it can introduce mini stuttering, which some players are sensitive to. Some individuals don’t experience this problem though.

The OSD (On-Screen Display) food selection of the screen is easy to use and provides a lot of valuable functions. Navigating through the food selection is quick as well as simple thanks to the joystick put under the bottom bezel of the screen.

For gaming, you obtain Black Equalizer, which enhances presence in darker games by modifying the gamma curvature, Virtual Purpose Point (cheat crosshairs), and various picture modes (FPS, RTS, RPG, and AOS along with PiP/PbP).

The Samsung G7 display has a flicker-free backlight and also an incorporated low-blue light filter. In the OSD food selection, it’s additionally possible to disable regional dimming.


Design & Connection

The display’s 1000R curvature is meant to match the curvature of the human eye. Whether this is an advantage or not depends on individual preference. Some definitely love it, some abhor it, as well as some don’t really care that much.

It does include additional deepness to the picture, as well as it may appear a little bit weird initially, yet you get used to it.

The stand of the Samsung C32G75T display is durable and also versatile with up to 120mm elevation change, -9 °/ 13 ° tilt, 90 ° pivot, +/- 15 ° swivel, as well as 100x100mm VESA place compatibility.
Connection options include two DisplayPort 1.4 inputs with DSC (Show Stream Compression), HDMI 2.0 (max 144Hz), an earphones jack, and also a dual-USB 3.0 center.

To get 240Hz at 2560 × 1440 with 10-bit shade deepness and also no aesthetic compression, you’ll need a graphics card that supports DSC, which includes AMD’s RX 5xxx series or NVIDIA’s GTX 16-series as well as RTX 20-series (or newer).
Or else, you’ll be limited to 1440p 240Hz with 8-bit shade depth or to 1440p 144Hz with 10-bit shade deepness.

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Final thought

While the dive to 240Hz from 144Hz may not be worth the additional cost alone, particularly after taking into consideration the amount of video games you’ll be able to press at such high structure prices, the Samsung C32G75T supplies a lot more than simply that.

Primarily, you’re getting a boost in pixel responsiveness which is something VA panels needed for some time.

You’re additionally obtaining an instead future-proof display that will last you at least a couple of GPU upgrades.

Ultimately, the display provides a magnificent watching experience with suitable HDR image quality.

Unless you’re seeking a screen for competitive video gaming and absolutely nothing else– or a display screen for professional color-critical work, the Samsung Odyssey is the perfect monitor for gaming, watching movies/videos, and also other day-to-day use.

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