Review Razer Viper Ultimate: Universal Mouse for Games and Work



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The Razer Viper Ultimate is an amazing video gaming mouse that’s really versatile as well as deals with anything you toss at it. Its performance is excellent and also the latency is exceptionally low, whether you use it wired or wirelessly. It has an ambidextrous layout with two side buttons on each side, providing you lots of programmable alternatives. It feels sturdy, strong, and also remarkably comfy, with a low back and also rather brief body. Its smaller size provides itself well to a fingertip grasp, but little and medium-sized hands will likewise find it comfy with a palm or a claw hold. It also features a distinct charging terminal that functions as a receiver array extender for much better performance.



The Razer Viper Ultimate is superb for FPS games. The click latency, whether wired or wireless, is remarkable, as well as even affordable players should not notice any type of delay. It’s likewise fairly light, even if it doesn’t have a honeycomb pattern. Its performance is excellent, and also it’s pretty regular, specifically when moved at fast rate. Many people must find it comfortable in a fingertip grasp, however larger hands might have some issues with a palm or claw grip. It offers multiple adjustable buttons, with two side switches on each side.

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