Pixio PX277 Review: 144Hz Gaming Monitor

Pixio PX277 Prime | 27 inch 1440p 165Hz HDR IPS Gaming Monitor

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First of all, the 2560 × 1440 resolution on 27 ″ sized display screens makes certain brilliant information and likewise lots of screen residential property thanks to the plentiful pixel thickness of 108.79 pixels per inch.

The pixels are not separately considerable by any means as they get on 24 ″ -27 ″ 1080p displays, as well as you do not need to scale your UI like you would definitely need to do on 24 ″ -32 ″ 4K screens. With 1440p at 27 ″, you struck the fantastic spot.

Taking place, the IPS panel of the Pixio PX277 display screen utilizes large 178-degree watching angles, a 6ms action time speed, a 230-nit optimum illumination, and a 1,000:1 fixed comparison proportion.

The tones are dynamic along with constant, covering a little bit over 96% of the sRGB color room, showing that you won’t have the ability to utilize the display for color-critical work. Still, the picture is crystal-clear with dynamic tones nonetheless.

Pixio PX278 | 27 inch 1440p 144Hz 1ms (G2G) Gaming Monitor


The Pixio PX277 1440p 144Hz pc video gaming display offers an outstanding efficiency with the ordinary input lag amounting to merely listed below 5ms making it optimal for affordable video clip gaming.

Presently, the feedback time speed of 6ms is somewhat greater than the usually-advertised 4ms of specific modern IPS panels, nevertheless actually, there’s little ghosting of fast-moving things visible.

Certainly, if you want as little ghosting as feasible, you need to choose a TN panel display rather, yet then you ‘d shed on shade top-notch as well as viewing angles– or obtain an extra expensive IPS version with a 1ms GtG action time speed, such as the LG 27GL83A.

Continuing, we really did not run into any kind of type of problems, such as too much IPS gleam or dead pixels.

The display is flicker-free in addition to has a low blue light filter, so it will not trigger you aggravations or eye exhaustion also after longer usage.

At 144Hz, video clip pc gaming really feels significantly far more responsive along with immersive rather than the typical 60Hz screen screens, which in addition to the striking shades and crisp information, assures a complete ideal video gaming experience.

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