Monitors for $500 the LG 27 UK 850

This is one of LG’s 2018 4K HDR monitors for $ 469. LG 27 UK 850 in 2020 is still not cheap, but with this good quality it is still the best seller. LG UHD 4K HDR Monitor can turn standard content into HDR video. Which is actually a good source of value for money.

27 inches is too small to really appreciate 4k. 32 inches is the best space, but obviously it adds value. USB C port, can carry full 4k resolution, charge your laptop and data at the same time, and it is a USB C port, what sets this monitor apart from other monitors in this category is its high dynamic range support, which is really convenient for a USB port C, can carry full 4k resolution. and a pair of 5W speakers and additional color calibration options that make the UK 850 the top model in LG’s line of nearly identical monitors.


This LG monitor fits perfectly into the home or office, and it has a really nice thin bezel for three of the four edges, it has a slightly thicker chin at the bottom. Stand – Here you can adjust the height, you can also tilt it or rotate it 90 degrees and use it in portrait orientation. Rotating the monitor is a convenient option for working with a vertical orientation program or for editing photos. The height adjustment function is an essential feature of a modern monitor. There are fasteners on the back wall. There are no buttons on the monitor itself, everything is controlled by the mouse. On-screen controls provide monitor settings in a convenient window for quick and easy access. Volume, brightness, picture mode presets, Split Split 2.0 and Dual Controller and more can now be used with two mouse clicks instead of hard buttons on the monitor. Also, the monitor itself quickly optimizes settings based on the genre of the game you are playing.

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