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Who spends a thousand dollars on a solitary PC screen? There are two responses: players and digital artists. Just like the rest of the Ultrasharp collection, the Dell U3818DW is for the last. Its huge 38-inch, ultrawide bent display and 3840 × 1600 resolution are wonderful, however artists will specifically enjoy that it’s paired with a super-accurate IPS screen panel.

With that said caution in mind, I can definitely suggest this Ultrasharp for those that desire a solitary, unified work space, or want an enormous screen to connect a USB-C laptop right into. Fitting it into your budget plan is your very own trouble.

This 38-inch screen isn’t the most significant on the marketplace, in regards to either raw dimension or resolution. But it’s still, as the youngsters claim, a chonk. At 35 inches broad by 22 inches tall, you may have difficulty suitable it on any type of workdesk that additionally has a desktop computer to manage. You’ll need a pretty large location for the consisted of base as well.

Dell U3818DW from the side


If you prefer to utilize your own screen stand, or you can (somehow!) fit it into a multiple-monitor array, Dell’s Ultrasharp line is very easy to work with. It includes a basic VESA place in the exact same hollow as the included display stand, no messy or expensive adapters necessary. I’m likewise pleased to see the power converter incorporated right into the display screen, so a conventional three-pronged power cable is all you require.

As large as this monitor is, it isn’t attempting to be anything else. The bezels are thinner than some, however not “invisible” by any means, as well as you’ll require 8 inches of clearance from the front to the back with the included stand. Those searching for a svelte screen to suit a developer workplace possibly will not be impressed.

The Ultrasharp has the now-familiar inputs: one DisplayPort, 2 HDMI ports, as well as outputs for both standard USB-A 3.0 (4 ports, two in the back and two on the side) and also audio-out for attaching to external speakers or headphones. The display has 2 nine-watt audio speakers, yet they’re best made use of just in an emergency situation, barely better than laptop audio speakers.

Dell U3818DW bottom inputs

Two HDMI, DisplayPort, USB-C for power, sound out, and also extra USB ports.The display is likewise rather future-proof, thanks to USB-C in for video, data, and audio. The port also provides power, yet just at 60 watts. The majority of ultraportable laptops and also tablets will certainly be fine keeping that, however if you’re managing a larger, extra effective MacBook Pro or anything with distinct graphics, it could not have the ability to bill it entirely off of the one USB-C port.

I would certainly have liked to have actually seen a second DisplayPort alternative and also 100 watts down for USB-C power, but between the four video inputs I am greater than completely satisfied. Any individual investing this much on a monitor ought to be able to attach 3 to 4 equipments effortlessly. Handling the inputs and anything connected to USB would be more tricky.

Изогнутый монитор UltraSharp 38: U3818DW | Dell СНГ


Picture Top quality


The 3840 × 1600 panel in the Ultrasharp is a charm. It’s warm and also accurate, without the over-saturation you would certainly see in cheaper display screens trying to pump up the shades for retail consumers. When using it with Photoshop I was able to see the details and also quality I was used to from my own Ultrasharp monitors (ago in 2012) with very little modification.


For media consumption, the super-wide display is wonderful for 21:9 motion pictures, much less so for just about every little thing else. 16:9 video leaves unsightly bars on both sides, and taking care of windows to properly display smaller video clips is hard, even with Dell’s consisted of software program. Gamers might be impressed by the resolution, yet a pedestrian 60-hertz refresh price and also slow-moving 8ms response time will not give you any kind of advantage in multiplayer.


Software application and Equipment

The window management advantage of a massive screen and greater resolution is obvious, yet you miss out on several of the committed monitor tools if you incorporate whatever right into one panel. Dell tries to make a couple of lodgings right here. With the Dell Show Supervisor software, you can easily establish digital monitor zones, moving home windows to dedicated locations easily.

Dell Display Supervisor software program

Dell’s Show Manager is a fine device for home window monitoring.Talking as a person who’s made use of to DisplayFusion, I discover the tool pretty unrefined, even if its interface is much friendlier. I ‘d suggest DisplayFusion to anyone that wishes to set up a regular workplace throughout multiple screens, or even one massive one. Yet as an affordable means to appoint windowing zones, it’s great.

I desire I can state the exact same for the choices Dell has actually developed to display numerous PC inputs simultaneously. I invested concerning an hour utilizing the picture-in-picture as well as picture-by-picture modes (a common device in ultrawide monitors). I couldn’t obtain a satisfactory split, each one either covering parts of one device or leaving huge areas of empty, black panel.


The U3818DW sets you back concerning a grand from Dell, but it’s presently going for under $900 road price. If you want an enormous, super-wide monitor that can take care of color-dependent graphics manufacturing when you require it, as well as a crap-ton of windows when you’re doing more basic job, it is adequate. It’s likewise fantastic for viewing films at a theater-style facet ratio.


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