Logitech MX Master 2S review


The MX Master 2S is a large, ergonomic, right-handed computer mouse with distinctive grasps on either side. The mouse has a high profile (5.0 x 3.4 x 2.0 inches) and also a lengthened thumb remainder, meaning that it’s perfect for palm grasps and lengthy work sessions. The absence of a left-handed setup is still a downer, but Logitech does have a couple of brand-new alternatives this moment around: you can obtain the computer mouse in white or teal in addition to the standard black/silver.

Where the MX Master TWO varies from the majority of office mice is in just how many buttons it has. You have a left click, a right click as well as a clickable scroll wheel, sure. However you likewise have two thumb switches, a straight scroll wheel (wonderful for scrolling throughout website or style documents), a gesture-control button in the thumb remainder and a toggle button for the scroll wheel’s speed. (If you intend to lock the scroll wheel at one rate and reprogram the button, you can do that, as well.).

As previously, I’m not a significant fan of the little, triangular thumb switches, as it’s simple to obtain both blended if you’re not looking. Yet the straight scroll wheel serves, and the motion commands are intriguing. By clicking the button down and dragging the computer mouse one of 4 ways, you can set a range of different commands, including raising the Begin food selection or going back to the desktop computer.

On the bottom of the computer mouse, you’ll discover the power button, together with a button that changes among three different cordless inputs. (This doubles as a pairing button.) I’m of 2 minds about the positioning of this button, due to the fact that it makes it a little inconvenient to change in between systems on an impulse– yet on the other hand, I enjoy the MX Master 2S’ button format as is, and also one more button on the face might hinder.


The biggest difference in between the MX Master as well as the MX Master TWO is that the last assistances Logitech’s novel Flow capability. In case you haven’t used a Logitech productivity outer in the last 2 years approximately, below’s how it functions:.

You attach the mouse to two various computer systems– say, a desktop as well as a laptop. Then, you set up Logitech Options on both systems. With Circulation made it possible for in Options, you can then freely relocate your cursor in between both systems– and you can even copy as well as paste files between them.

It’s theoretically an extremely useful feature if you regularly work with two or even more systems. On the other hand, I’ve never ever utilized it other than while testing Circulation for evaluation functions. Since Circulation is the TWO’ greatest advantage over its predecessor, those considering upgrading need to take into consideration just how usually they ‘d want to utilize this capability.

Or else, the Options software program lets you reprogram switches and also readjust level of sensitivity. Both serve, although I still want that the program revealed you actual dots-per-inch (DPI) level of sensitivity degrees rather than just a general slider.

With Flow allowed, you can then move your cursor between 2 PCs freely– and you can also replicate as well as paste data between them.

The 2S has a much longer battery life than its predecessor, with Logitech marketing up to 70 days of use, offered you bear in mind to turn the computer mouse off between sessions. We have no other way of determining this, especially since the battery indicator in Options just provides obscure charge degrees rather than percentages. However the charge does last for a long time, as well as you can recharge the mouse while you use it, thanks to a consisted of USB cable.

It’s additionally worth mentioning that the MX Master 2S is fairly very easy to link to either computers or smart phones, thanks to its Bluetooth connection and consisted of USB dongle. You can connect the mouse with as much as three systems at the same time, after that toggle amongst them with journalism of a switch. I want the mouse had some kind of integrated storage for the dongle, like Logitech’s cheaper computer mice do, but that’s a reasonably minor complaint– up until you shed the dongle, of course, which is naturally little and dark.

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