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When Razer finds a suggestion individuals like, it grabs hold as well as doesn’t let go. Case in point: the $ 39.99 Viper Mini PC gaming mouse is the third variant of Razer’s eSports PC mouse introduced in Summer 2019.In spite of the name, the Viper Mini is not just a shrunk-down version of the Razer Viper. Yes, it reduces the dimension, but it likewise disrobes the specs with a less powerful sensor as well as reduce particular features, like the 2nd collection of side switches that make the Viper an ambidextrous computer mouse, to decrease its weight as well as its rate. In doing so, the Viper Mini narrows its appeal to a part of competitive gamers who might appreciate those tradeoffs, however sheds the functions that made the initial stand out to begin with.


Like its precursors, the Viper Mini uses optical switches that Razer insurance claims must add durability and also allow click signals to pass a lot more rapidly by eliminating debounce delay. According to Razer, the Mini’s switches are rated to last with 50 million clicks, which is excellent but considerably less than the 70 million clicks of the Viper and Viper Ultimate.

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The Viper Mini’s sensor is likewise a sizable (if affordable) step down from the original. The exclusive optical sensing unit tracks at approximately 8,500 dpi as well as maintains precision at up to 300 inches per second. That’s down from the 16,000 dpi as well as 450ips of the first Viper. Though that’s a huge gap, the Mini’s specs are really quite good relative to various other under-$ 50 mice.

There is one thing regarding the Viper Mini that’s unquestionably enhanced: the lighting! Along with the lit up Razer logo design in the hand, the Viper Mini adds a curved “underglow” light bar beneath the rear of the computer mouse. Certainly, it doesn’t make the computer mouse much more effective, yet it behaves to have at least a little RGB you’ll really see while playing.

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